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ASTA Full Type Tested

Standards of Compliances

IEC 60439-1

BS EN 60439-1

IEC 61641

IEC 529

JEBG Standards

JKR Standards


Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels control generators, start them up during a power failure event in order to supply the emergency source to the critical equipment like fire-fighting system, critical medical areas, data centers, lift, etc.

Our AMFs are designed to be comprehensive automatic standby power solution and also monitor the health and possible fault events of the generators during its running period.

Our control system is compatible to almost all of the generators control system available in the market and we can also customize them to suit some of the generators with special control system design.  Our control system is inclusive of control switches for on/off and mode selections, indicating lights to statuses and fault indications and audible alarm to alert personnel upon fault events.

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