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Established in 2002, SRSTM Power Engineering Sdn Bhd is an ASTA Certified MV and LV Switchboard manufacturer.

We derive our strength from a powerful and dynamic management force. Combined with a dedicated, enthusiastic and skillful engineering and production workforce, SRSTM Power Engineering Sdn Bhd has the capability and efficiency to provide superior quality products and services to its valued customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to providing a total Peace-of-Mind power distribution system that serves to enhance the quality of life.

As a leading switchboard manufacturer with a global reach, we strictly uphold our principles in our daily operations and activities:

>  Superior quality that complies with international switchboard manufacturing standards.

>  Continuous improvement and advancement in our utilized technology and human resources.

>  A dedicated and highly motivated workforce.

>  Total customer satisfaction.

>  Timely delivery.

>  High level of operational efficiency.

Our Values

SRSTM Power Engineering Sdn Bhd emphasizes on excellent customer relationship and outstanding services. We constantly strive to attain the highest level of quality in our quest of building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers. We place the utmost importance on integrity, quality and service as well as competitive pricing.

In order to achieve our goals and objectives, we take full pride in providing the best to our customers through:

>  Continuous Quest for Excellent in Quality.

>  Implementing efficiency through our Safe. Reliable. Smart. Power Distribution System.

>  Efficient and speedy response to customers’ requests and enquiries.

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ASTA Full Type Tested

Standards of Compliances

IEC 60439-1

BS EN 60439-1

IEC 61641

IEC 529

JEBG Standards

JKR Standards


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