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Medium-Voltage Switchgear

ASTA Full Type Tested

Standards of Compliances

IEC 60439-1

BS EN 60439-1

IEC 61641

IEC 529

JEBG Standards

JKR Standards


SGear is indoor type Medium Voltage metalclad switchgear up to 36kV.  The design of SGear is according to AC Metalclad Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear standard of IEC 62271.

With SGear, we are having the privilege to unite the brand for both Medium and Low Voltage switchgears.  With this, we can enjoy the very same excellent level of quality products and satisfactory service at a very competitive package price.

SGear is ASTA Type Tested, strongly constructed using state of the art double-folding technique, inbuilt with comprehensive and superior safety interlocking system, and many other features, to provide full safety to personnel and reliable power system.

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